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Body Builder Air Walker With Cylinder, 1 Piece

Body Builder Air Walker With Cylinder, 1 Piece

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By Body Builder
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  • Full Body Workout
  • Tighten the Buttocks & Hips

Body Builder Air Walker With Cylinder an innovative fitness apparatus designed to elevate your workout routine. This cutting-edge equipment combines the benefits of traditional air walking exercises with the added challenge of resistance training provided by its integrated cylinder system.

Features of Body Builder Air Walker With Cylinder

  • Helps Tighten the Buttocks and Thighs
  • Burns Fat and Tightens the Body
  • It Works to Slim the Body and Tighten Wrinkles
  • It is Easy to Exercise Without Stress on the Joints.
  • More Durable Than Other Treadmills.
  • Moving Arms During Exercise
  • Burning Arm Fat
  • Can Be Placed at Home
  • Keep Fit
  • Keep Your Body Vibrant and Flexible
  • Best Device for People With Joint Pain


Recommended workout session 30 - 45 Min/day

Maximum weight is 100 kg

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