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Body Builder Sling Bag, Rose, Zipper closure, Polyester lining, Multi-Functional Storage Area

Body Builder Sling Bag, Rose, Zipper closure, Polyester lining, Multi-Functional Storage Area

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By Body Builder
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SAR 99.00
  • Zipper closure
  • Polyester lining
  • Multi-Functional Storage Area

The Body Builder Sling Bag is a versatile and ergonomic bag that provides a comfortable carrying experience. It features an adjustable satchel shoulder strap, allowing you to customize the fit according to your preference. The bag can be worn as a chest bag, sling bag, or crossbody backpack, making it suitable for various activities and carrying styles, the Bag is not only functional but also versatile. It can be used for different purposes, whether you're going on a casual outing or traveling. The bag keeps your belongings organized and easily accessible, providing convenience wherever you go.

Features of Body Builder Sling Bag:

  • Perfectly fit your body: designed to provide a comfortable fit that perfectly contours to your body, allowing you to choose between carrying it on your left or right side based on your preference and convenience.
  • Two ways of carrying: This sling bag offers versatile carrying options, providing flexibility and convenience. You can wear it across your chest or back, adjusting the strap to your desired length and position.
  • Earphone hole on the front pocket: The bag features an earphone hole on the front pocket, allowing you to easily connect your headphones or earphones to your device. 
  • Durable and soft polyester material:  made of durable and soft polyester material. This ensures its longevity and ability to withstand everyday use. The smooth-gliding zippers and strap clip add to the overall durability and functionality of the bag.


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