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Laperva Firm and Tightly Slimming Cream, 250 ML, Improved flow of blood circulation

Laperva Firm and Tightly Slimming Cream, 250 ML, Improved flow of blood circulation

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By Laperva
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SAR 192.50 SAR 275.00
  • Improved flow of blood circulation
  • Skin tightening and improving the elasticity
  • Reducing fat deposition in the breast, abdomen and buttocks areas

Laperva Firm and Tightly Slimming Cream is a product designed to assist individuals in achieving their desired body measurements, particularly in the abdomen and buttocks areas. The cream has the ability to gradually melt fat, leading to visible results within two weeks of consistent use. Its primary focus is on adjusting and refining body measurements, ultimately aiming to help individuals attain a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Features of Laperva Firm and Tightly Slimming Cream

  • Dissolving Body Fat: By applying the cream to specific areas, such as the abdomen and buttocks, it helps to reduce the appearance of fat and promotes a slimmer physique.
  • Size Adjustment: It aims to help individuals achieve a more desired and proportionate body shape by targeting these specific areas.
  • Dissolving Belly and Buttocks Fat: It is formulated to address localized fat deposits in these areas, which are common problem areas for many individuals.
  • Short-Term Results: The product claims to show visible results within a short period of time, typically within two weeks of consistent use. 
  • Enhanced Body Appearance: By targeting specific areas and reducing fat, the cream aims to enhance body contours and promote a more aesthetically pleasing look.
  • It is recommended to use the cream twice during the day to get satisfactory results
  • It can be used in the abdomen, breasts and buttocks
  • After applying the cream to the areas shown, massage it in a circular motion for 5 minutes, until the skin absorbs it
  • It is recommended to do some exercises after applying the cream
  • Frequency: Using a cream once or twice a day, as recommended, can help ensure consistent application and potential benefits.
  • Application areas: If the cream is intended for use on the abdominal area, breasts, and buttocks, then applying it to those areas would be appropriate. 
  • Massage technique: Massaging the cream in a circular motion for about 5 minutes can help with absorption and promote blood circulation in the area. 
  • Exercise: Incorporating exercise into your routine, even after applying the cream, can have additional benefits. Regular physical activity can contribute to overall health and fitness. It's important to choose exercises that target the specific areas you're looking to improve. Consult a fitness professional or trainer for personalized exercise recommendations.
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