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 Laperva No Added Sugar Tortilla Mexican Protein Wraps, 320 Gm

 Laperva No Added Sugar Tortilla Mexican Protein Wraps, 320 Gm

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  • 22% Protein
  • 40% Less Carb
  • No Added Sugar

 Laperva No Added Sugar Tortilla Mexican Protein Wraps, a Healthy Alternative to paratha, Contain a High Percentage of Protein, With a Wonderful and Delicious Taste.
The Healthy Snack is Easy to Prepare, Rich in Protein, and Free of Added Sugar Palm Oil, Trans Fats, and Cholesterol, it Suits All Tastes and Can Be Eaten in a Variety of Ways. It Can Be Eaten Directly or as is. also, you can Stuff Them With a Variety of Foods, Such as Chicken, Vegetables, Cheese, Sauce, Etc. advantage of low Carbohydrates Compared to Traditional Wraps, Which Helps Control Blood Sugar.

Features of  Laperva No Added Sugar Tortilla Mexican Protein Wraps

  • Rich in Protein: It Contains 8.8 Grams of Protein Per Roll, 22%, Extracted From
  • A Mixture of (Wheat Protein, Pea Protein, and Rice Protein).
  • Low-carb: Contains 40% Less Carbohydrates Than Traditional Wraps.
  • Easy to Prepare: It Can Be Eaten as is or Stuffed With a Variety of Foods.
  • A Quick Snack or Substitute for Bread or Pancakes.
  • Each Roll Contains 127 Calories.
  • Each Wrap Contains 3.4 Grams of Fat.
  • Each Wrap Contains 11.5 Grams of Carbohydrates.
  • Free From Added Sugar, Palm Oil, Trans Fats, and Cholesterol.

1. Using the Microwave, Heat the Roll in the Microwave for 30 Seconds.
2 Using a Frying Pan: Heat the Frying Pan Over Medium Heat, Then Heat the Roll for 30 Seconds on Each Side.

Store the Package in a Cool, Dry Place at a Temperature Below 25 Degrees Celsius. It is recommended to Store It in refrigerator and Consume Within 3 Days of Opening.

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