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Laperva Protein Chocolate Spread Hazelnut, Chocolate Hazelnut, 250 Gm

Laperva Protein Chocolate Spread Hazelnut, Chocolate Hazelnut, 250 Gm

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By Laperva
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  • Rich in protein
  • Free of trans fats and cholesterol
  • Suitable for those following the keto diet

Are you looking for a healthy alternative to Nutella? Laperva Protein Chocolate Spread Hazelnut is a chocolate spread that stands out for its high protein content. It provides a delightful taste while delivering the nutritional benefits of protein. This spread can be easily spread on various types of bread or used as a topping for pies, giving you a versatile and enjoyable way to incorporate it into your meals and snacks.

suitable for  Athletes who can benefit from the protein to support muscle recovery and growth after intense workouts, also The elderly can appreciate the nutritional value of protein in maintaining muscle mass and overall health, and even children can enjoy this tasty spread while getting the added protein they need for growth and development.

Features of Laperva Chocolate with Hazelnut Protein

  • Rich in Protein: Laperva Chocolate with Hazelnut Protein is a protein-rich chocolate spread, with a protein content accounting for 24% of the product. 
    Free from Cholesterol: This benefits individuals looking to maintain healthy cholesterol levels as part of their diet.
  • Suitable for Athletes and Ketogenic Dieters: It is also ideal for individuals following a ketogenic diet, emphasizing low-carbohydrate, high-fat foods.
  • Free from Trans Fats and Palm Oil: The chocolate spread is free from trans fats, which are considered unhealthy fats. like palm oil, which is a vegetable oil associated with sustainability concerns.
  • Free from Artificial Sugars and Colors: This ensures a more natural and healthier product, as artificial sugars and colors are often associated with potential health risks.

Hazelnut Protein can be a healthy alternative to your regular breakfast options.

  • The product contains milk, soy and nuts ingredientsIndividuals allergic to any of these ingredients should not
    Avoid using the product
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