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Laperva Ultra Kids Multivitamin, 30 Veggie Gummies, Supports Immune System

Laperva Ultra Kids Multivitamin, 30 Veggie Gummies, Supports Immune System

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By Laperva
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SAR 51.75
  • Supports Immune System
  • Healthy Growth & Development
  • Enhances Learning & Concentration

Laperva Kids Multivitamin is a dietary supplement specifically formulated for children, it comes in the form of veggie gummies, making it easier and more enjoyable for kids to consume, contains 30 gummies,  providing them with essential vitamins and minerals, typical ingredients include vitamins A, C, D, E, B-complex vitamins, and minerals like calcium, zinc, and iron, which's support children's overall health and development.

Features of Laperva Kids Multivitamin

  • Enhances learning and focus: The multivitamin is formulated to support cognitive function, helping to enhance learning abilities and focus in children.
  • Supports healthy bones and teeth: The inclusion of essential vitamins and minerals like calcium and vitamin D helps promote healthy bone and teeth development in growing children.
  • Helps healthy growth and development: The multivitamin provides a range of nutrients necessary for proper growth and development during childhood.
  • Supports the immune system: The vitamins and minerals present in the multivitamin help support a strong immune system, which is important for fighting off illnesses and infections.
  • Various natural flavours: The gummies are likely available in different natural flavours, making them more appealing to children and enjoyable to consume.
  • Recommended use: 1 gummy daily or as directed by a healthcare
  • Do not exceed the recommended dose 
  • Individuals with a known medical condition should consult a physician before using 
  • Do not use it if the safety seal is damaged or missing.
  • Storing should be in a cool & dry place 
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