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Laperva Zero Sugar Drink, Strawberry, 15 Sachets, Low calories, No added sugar

Laperva Zero Sugar Drink, Strawberry, 15 Sachets, Low calories, No added sugar

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By Laperva
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SAR 42.90
  • Low calories
  • No added sugar
  • Free from artificial flavors and colors

Laperva Zero Sugar Drink is a great option for those who want a delicious and thirst-quenching beverage without added sugars.
It offers a natural and satisfying taste, making it suitable for various dietary plans, its focus on quality ingredients, Laperva Zero Sugar Drink provides a healthier choice for those seeking a balanced lifestyle.

Features of Laperva Zero Sugar Drink

  • Contains Vitamin C and Sodium for Hydration: Formulated with essential electrolytes such as sodium and vitamin C, which support hydration and replenish the body's electrolyte balance. This makes it a refreshing option to stay hydrated, especially during physical activities or hot weather.
  • Low Calories: Suitable for individuals who are conscious about their calorie intake. It allows you to enjoy a flavorful beverage without adding unnecessary calories to your diet.
  • Artificial Color-Free: Ensures a natural and clean appearance, avoiding the use of synthetic colour additives.
  • Artificial Flavor-Free: Allowing you to enjoy a beverage without artificial flavor additives.
  • Sugar-Free: Sweetened with alternative sweeteners or natural sweeteners to provide a pleasant taste without the use of sugar.

To enjoy Laperva Zero Sugar Drink, simply add one sachet of 1L to 1.5L of water, adjusting the quantity of water according to your taste preference. For the best taste experience, specific recommendations are provided for different flavours:

  • Strawberry Flavor: It is recommended to defrost one sachet in 1.25 litres of water to achieve the best taste of the strawberry flavour.

  • Apple Flavor: For the optimal taste of the apple flavour, it is preferable to defrost one 1-litre sachet.

  • Fruit Punch Flavor: To get the best taste of the fruit punch flavour, it is recommended to defrost one bag with 1 liter of water.

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