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Optitect Perfect Nuts, 110 Gm

Optitect Perfect Nuts, 110 Gm

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  • Snack and fresh .
  • They contain protein .
  • Low in salt and free from artificial flavors and colours .

Optitect Perfect Nuts has a unique and distinct flavour, making it an excellent choice as a healthy and nutritious snack to enjoy at any time of the day.
It contains a diverse mix of peanuts, almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, and other delicious nuts.

Features Of Optitect Perfect Nuts

  • It contains a high percentage of protein 18 grams per 100 grams.
  • It contains a good amount of fiber, which is important for the health of the digestive system and promotes a sense of satiety .
  • Use Himalayan salt, a healthy alternative to traditional salt .
  • Compatible with a vegan lifestyle and a keto diet .
  • It does not contain any artificial flavors or colours.

Eating a portion of Perfect Nuts nuts as a snack between main meals helps to feel full and provides the body with energy.

Allergen declaration: 

Store Perfect Nuts nuts in a cool and dry place at a temperature below 25 degrees Celsius. Drink sufficient amounts of water throughout the day and while eating Nuts nuts to ensure proper digestion.

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