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Optitect Quinoa Rings Snack, Tomato, 30 Gm, Contains protein, Low in calories and added sugar

Optitect Quinoa Rings Snack, Tomato, 30 Gm, Contains protein, Low in calories and added sugar

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SAR 8.43
  • Contains protein
  • Low in calories and added sugar
  • Free of cholesterol, soy and artificial colors
  • It contains fiber and whole grains, which promote a feeling of fullness.

Opticut offers healthy and delicious snacks, Quinoa Rings. Organic Quinoa Rings are designed with various flavors with protein and fiber, which makes them suitable for people who follow diets and want to maintain their health. Our organic quinoa rings are made with ingredients like quinoa grains, buckwheat, millet, oats, barley, and corn. The open flavors have a protein content ranging from 6.2% to 8.5%. Organic quinoa rings can be eaten on a balanced diet at any time of the day

Features of Optitect Quinoa Rings Snack

  • It provides a high percentage of protein, which helps in building muscle and feeling full for a longer period.
  • Contains fiber and grains: Contains dietary fibers necessary for the health of the digestive system
  • Free of cholesterol, soy, artificial colors, artificial flavors, dairy, and lactose
  • Rich in Delicious Flavors: Available in four different flavors including tomato, cheese, grilled, and onion, adding variety and flavor to the meal.
  • Low in calories and sugar: This is an option that is low in calories and added sugar.

Organic Quinoa Rings are an ideal snack between main meals.
They provide beneficial nutrition containing protein, fiber and whole grains.

  • Drink enough water with light quinoa rings
  • Store in a cool dry place Maintain the storage temperature: The storage temperature should not exceed 25°C and avoid exposure to sunlight Direct exposure may negatively affect the quality of the organic quinoa rings.
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