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Optitect Smart Kitchen Scale, Purple, Use of modern sensor techniques.

Optitect Smart Kitchen Scale, Purple, Use of modern sensor techniques.

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By Optitect
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SAR 218.90
  • Use of modern sensor techniques.
  • Measuring food weight from 2 grams to 5 kilograms.
  • Calculating calories in food.

Optitect Food Scale is an innovative device used to measure the weight of food and analyze its nutritional content accurately to measure the weight of the individual components of your meal, whether it is fruits, vegetables, meat, or any other type of food and is used to analyze your nutritional data to make informed decisions about your diet.

Features of Optitect Smart Kitchen Scale

  • Accurately measure the weight of different types of food.
  • Calculate the number of calories in the food.
  • Measure the weight of food while cooking.
  • The scale features Bluetooth technology for easy data exchange and information display.
  • It measures from 2 grams to 5 kilograms.
  • View all nutrition information through the Dr. Nutrition app.
  • Monitor your diet and track nutrition details.
Connecting the scale with the Dr. Nutrition app takes place through the following steps
1-Download the latest version of the Dr. Nutrition app from the available App Store (Huawei, Android, Apple).
2- Open the Dr. Nutrition app and make sure that the bluetooth function is turned on on your phone.
3-Make the Optitect Food Scale visible to your smart device by searching for it through the Bluetooth settings on your phone.
4- In the app, select "Planner Diet" from the home screen to set your daily calorie target.
5- After setting the target number of calories, choose "Meal Add" to choose the meal you want to add (breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc.).
6- Find the food you want to select in the menu and select it. Then select "Add weight using the Optitect scale".
7- The devices will search and connect automatically. Once connected, press the "Start Weight" button to show the weight on the app and its contents including protein, carbohydrates and fats.
8- You can use the cookware on top of the scale and recalibrate with the touch of the "on/Tare" button to measure the food inside.
9- You can save the choices or add more choices as you wish.
10-You can see the history of previous data which will be automatically saved on the app for later reference.

operating instructions 
1-Install the battery according to the direction indicated before use.
2- Place the scale on a hard and flat surface.
3- To turn on the scale, press the "on/trade" button and the device will start working and "g0" will appear on the display.
4- To change the unit, press the button to switch between different units such as grams (g), milliliters (ml) for water, fluid ounces, pounds and ounces, and milliliters for milk. When only the "ml" indicator lights up, the scale has water volume weighing function. When the "ml" and "milk" indicators light up at the same time, the scale has the milk volume weighing function.
5- To perform the calibration process, weigh the material “A” first, press the “on/trade” button once and wait until the calibration process is completed and the display returns to zero. Once the calibration light is on and the value is zero, place material “B” into the scale, and the weight of material “B” will appear on the display.
6- You can use the scale for frequent calibrations by pressing and holding the “on/trade” button. Press the button once before removing all materials from the scale, and the weight of all materials will appear on the display.
7- After the measurement is complete, remove all materials from the scale. Press the "on/trade" button to return to zero if the displayed value is not zero.

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