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Optitect Smart Scale, White

Optitect Smart Scale, White

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  • Percentage of fat, muscle mass and protein
  • It measures the body's basic metabolic rate
  • Shows the percentage of visceral fat

Optitect Smart Weight Scale is a product that helps you track and monitor your weight and reach the ideal weight.
It measures the weight accurately and displays results on an easy-to-read digital screen.
It is compatible with the Dr. Nutrition app via Bluetooth, allowing you to provide the app with weight information and track it over time. It securely stores your personal information in the Dr. Nutrition app's cloud collection, allowing you to access it from any other device on which the app is installed. It provides detailed reports and accurate information about your health and performance, enabling you to track your progress and take appropriate actions to improve your overall health.

Features of Optitect Smart Scale

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS "Optitec Smart Scale 4.0".

  • Measurement unit: kg.
  • Communication: Bluetooth.
  • Weight range: 11.0 lbs to 396.8 lbs (equivalent to 5 kg to 180 kg).
  • Net weight: 1.74 kg.
  • Battery capacity: 1000 mAh.
  • Input voltage: constant current 5V
  • Charging specifications: constant current 5 volts 0.5 amps

Launch the app and create a new account using your phone number.
After creating the account and logging in, go to the weighing menu in the app.
Choose Optiect from the list.
Connect the Optiect scale to the smartphone via Bluetooth and follow the instructions provided by the app.
To pair the scale with the app. After pairing the scale, stand on the scale and wait for an accurate weight reading.
When the result appears on the scale, click the "Submit" button in the app to send the reading to your Dr. Nutrition.

Download and install the DrNutrition app from the Google Play or App Store Launch the DrNutrition app on your smartphone Click on the Settings option in the app and look for the option to connect to the meter or Bluetooth.
Follow the instructions in the app to pair the Optirect scale with your smartphone via Bluetooth.
After pairing the scale, stand on the scale with your feet on the scale glass.
The weight reading will appear on the scale display and will be automatically transferred to the DrNutrition app.
The data will be synced and logged into the DrNutrition app, and summary health reports and recommendations to improve your health performance will be displayed.

Do not disassemble or expose the product to water, fire or high temperatures.
It is recommended to see a specialist if you are pregnant or use pacemakers.
Use the scale barefoot, as body fat percentage cannot be measured if you are wearing shoes or socks.
The scale is not intended for medical diagnosis or treatment purposes.
You must stand still on the scale for a few seconds until it shows a zero reading before using it again.
Use a damp cloth to wipe the surface of the scale, avoiding the use of detergents or direct water.

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