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Wow Woman Trainer Gloves, Pink, M

Wow Woman Trainer Gloves, Pink, M

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By Wow Woman
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  • Easy to wear
  • Superior comfort and flexibility
  • Adhesive tape to control hand size

Wow Woman Training gloves are an important sports tool and an ideal choice for women who want to improve their sports performance and ensure comfort and protection during exercise. Below are some of the notable features of these gloves
INCREASE ENDURANCE AND SUPPORT: The design of the glove helps increase endurance during various exercises
Hand Protection: Gloves protect the hand from the effects of intense exercise and protect it from injuries resulting from sharp objects or sports equipment.
COMFORT AND FLEXIBILITY: Made of elastic and stretchy fabric that provides comfort and flexibility during various exercises,

Features of Wow Woman training gloves

  • Gloves are made of durable and highly elastic materials and provide good protection for the hands
  • It helps increase control when using various sports
  • Protecting the hand from the effects of exercise and protecting it from injuries resulting from sports equipment
  • Provides adequate ventilation to prevent excessive sweating and provide comfort during exercise



  • Easy to wash and clean: Designed to be easy to wash and clean after every use. You can easily wash them by hand using lukewarm water and soap,
  • HAND SIZE CONTROL STRAP: Wow Woman training gloves feature an adjustable hook-and-loop strap around the wrist. This ensures that the gloves are comfortable and adhere properly to your hands during exercise.
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