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Wow Women Ultimate Athletic Shoes, 39, Purple

Wow Women Ultimate Athletic Shoes, 39, Purple

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By Wow Woman
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  • Made of Rubber
  • 100% Genuine Leather
  • Help to Reducing Stress

Wow Women Ultimate Athletic Shoes the Sports Shoe is Made of 100% Genuine Leather and Has an Exceptional High Design to Cover the Entire Ankle Area, With a Flat or Thin Sole Made of Rubber, in Addition to Containing a Heel Cushion Made of Latex.
The Suitable Sports Shoes for Men and Women Who Love Bodybuilding and Weightlifting, Arcade Games and Other Various Games.
The Shoes Are Also Available From the Wow Women Brand, Which is Designed Specifically for Women,which is Available in Various Colors Pink, Purple in Various Sizes Starting From Size 36 to 39.
The Shoes Are Distinguished by Its Superior Flexibility and Excellent Ability to Absorb Shocks, Which Helps in Reducing Stress on the Feet and Ankles. It is Also Distinguished by Its Ability to Increase the Level of Stability and Safety During Exercises, Which Reduces the Risks of Injuries, and Enhances the Athlete’s Performance and Giving the User Complete Confidence and Comfort During Exercises.

Features of Body Builder Ultimate Athletic Shoes

  • High-Quality Leather: This Shoe is Manufactured Using Premium Quality Leather With Utmost Care, Making It Durable and Able to Withstand the use of a Capacitor.
  • High Design That Covers the Ankle Area: The shoe Features a High, Padded Design That Covers the Entire Ankle Area, to Increase Support, Stability, and Comfort During Performing Exercise Helps Reduce the Risk of Injuries.
  • Thin Flat Sole: This Shoe Comes With a Thin, Flat Sole and is Made of Rubber, Making It Ideal for Exercising in Gyms and Other Places, the Shoe Provides a Strong Grip on Various Types of Surfaces, Ensuring Great Stability During Exercise. This Ensures a Strong Grip on Various Types of Surfaces, Which Contributes to Enhancing Athletes’ Performance and Giving Them Confidence that they Can Go Through Their Exercises.
  • Latex Heel Pad: The shoe Comes With a Heel Cushion Made of Latex to Provide Superior Flexibility and Excellent Shock Absorption, Which Reduces Stress on Feet and Ankles.
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