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Wowtein L Carnitine, Tropical, 4000 mg

Wowtein L Carnitine, Tropical, 4000 mg

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By Wowtein
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  • Increase stamina
  • Promote blood circulation
  • Helps burn fat and provide the body with energy.

Wowtein L-Carnitine is important in energy production in the body and is naturally present in cells. Carnitine also plays a role in removing some waste products from the body. It helps remove waste compounds that result from the metabolism and contributes to the maintenance of the body's health and normal functions. L-carnitine is also available as a dietary supplement, and some people can use it to help with problems such as infertility, male fertility and sperm problems, as well as memory problems and neurological diseases. 

Features of Wowtein L Carnitine

  • Improving the fat burning process in the body.
  • Supplying the body with energy and improving athletic performance.
  • Helps improve blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity.
  • Improve symptoms of hyperthyroidism.
  • Free of lactose, soy and artificial colors .

Take 20 ml daily, one hour before exercise. Shake the bottle before use
Please consult a specialist before using the product.

Keep in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight Keep out of reach of children Not recommended for use by children or pregnant women The recommended daily portion must be adhered to. Use with a balanced and varied diet.

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